Life in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic – Land of Stories. The Czech Republic is in the heart of Europe, it is, therefore, an excellent starting location for further traveling. It is also the sixth safest country in the world. It´s good food and beer, beautiful architecture and very kind people are famous. Could you choose a better place to study?

The capital of the Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Prague, the City of Hundred Spires, a UNESCO monument. Get to know it in person!

Cost of Living 400 EUR

The cost of living in the Czech Republic is relatively low compared with west European countries, and Prague is fairly inexpensive when it comes to European capital cities. The average cost of living for a student in the Czech Republic is approximately about 400 EUR (10,000 CZK) per month but of course, it depends on your spending habits. This includes accommodation, food and transport. Prices may vary according to your location.

Cost of Living Index

Normalized to Czech Republic = 100, Numbeo, 2016:

  • Switzerland317
  • United Kingdom209
  • France180
  • Italy160
  • Spain133
  • Austria107

Student Life in the Czech Republic

Why is Prague a Good Choice for International Students?

High quality of education

Czech Republic has a long tradition of high quality education. The first Czech university, the Charles University in Prague, was founded in 1348 as the first university in Central Europe. The Czech study system is also compatible with the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), so the credits you receive for the courses you pass are transferrable to other European universities.
High quality of education

Interesting work opportunities

Many international companies have their subsidiaries and offices in the Czech Republic so you won't have to worry about being unemployed after finishing your studies. Many companies also offer internships for students which would be a great career boost! It's also very common for foreign students to offer language lessons of their mother tongue which can be a handy source of side income.
Interesting work opportunities

Cheap beer (and low living costs)

As a student, we are sure you'll appreciate the Czech beer and especially the low prices in bars and restaurants. Other prices for instance for public transport, accommodation or food are also cheap while their quality is comparable to other European countries.
Cheap beer (and low living costs)

Czech Republic is a great place to live

It is the sixth safest country in the world. It has great food, beer, good people...and it is also a great starting point for travelling around Europe. Because of its central location, you'll have the opportunity to visit countries and cities you might never have a chance of visiting again. The Czech Republic’s central location means it’s a great base to explore many of the bordering countries, Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia, and Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Switzerland are not all that much further. So, could you choose a better place?
Czech Republic is a great place to live

Prague is close to all the most beautiful European cities

  • London 1268 km
  • Amsterdam 351 km
  • Berlin 351 km
  • Paris 1034 km
  • Vienna 253 km

Other popular European cities:

Barcelona, Bratislava, Brussel, Bruges, Budapest, Firenze, Kiev, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Madrid, Manchester, Milano, Monaco, Moscow, Munich, Oslo, Porto, Roma, Stockholm, Venice, Warszawa, Zürich.

International Student Services

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  • NEWTON Academy (management courses, personal development)
  • Home Hunters – student accommodation
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  • International students office
  • Library
  • IT services – Wi-Fi, Intranet, PC, Notebooks, Videoconference room
  • NC Café
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