Study Program

We are the only university-level school in the Czech Republic to offer a multiple level education. Apart from the accredited university programs (Bc./BBA, Mgr., MBA) we offer our students and the public the chance to participate in managerial courses, trainings and additional educational programs under the NEWTON Academy brand and individual lessons lead by well-known personalities within both the bussiness environment and the college such as the Vice-Governor of the Czech National Bank, prof. Vladimír Tomšík and many others.

All our programs have the same core of subjects – Economics, Management and Psychology. In our opinion, this is the best mix for every modern manager.

Important Information When we start

October 2019

Knowledge and skills you will gain

Macro- and micro-economic training
Expertise in global business, and private and public management
Knowledge of corporate financial management
Principles of project planning and management
The ability to analyze and take advantage of the international business environment

Basic information about the program:

Length of study 3 years
Degree Bc.
Price per year 4.750 EUR


Students of the international Bc. program are registered as regular NEWTON College students and are eligible for graduation ceremony in Prague with other NEWTON College students.