Partical Intership

Practical internship in partner companies and institutions are an integral part of NEWTON College studies. From first year of study, we offer our students various forms of cooperation with selected companies and participation in interesting projects.

Along with the academic degree, NEWTON College students obtain the Certificate of Practical Internship which becomes a part of their professional profile and provides them with an advantage over their peers from other universities when they enter the labour market.

Employers´ opinions on the NEWTON College students

Stanislav Gálik
Experience Innovations at Česká spořitelna, a.s.
"In past years I have worked as Director of UNIFER innovation company that cooperated with students from many universities. NEWTON College students are exceptionally creative and hardworking and they significantly contributed to the quality of our projects. Without doubt they were among the top of their age category."
Karel "Mindless"" Novotný
Marketing Director at NEWTON COLLEGE, a.s.
"NEWTON College´s unique approach shows in its marketing too – students have the opportunity to meet with professionals and cooperate with interesting companies. But we wanted to go even further and give our students even more. Our students can directly influence the marketing strategy of our school and they can take part in workshops organised for this purpose."
Jaroslav Kováč
CEO Home Hunters
"Though we offer internship positions for students from many different universities, in the end, we always take people from NEWTON College. Why? Because they are willing to use their own head, look for new solutions and behave proactively and responsibly. I cannot speak highly enough about NC students and we do recommend them to all other companies."
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