10+1 Reasons to study at NEWTON College

NEWTON College is a very inspiring environment. The school inspires and motivates students to reach up for their goals, seek new perspectives and new ways of solving problems. It also teaches how to develop creativity and critical thinking.
The school offers modern and attractive study programs of applied business. All programs have the same base – study of Economy, Management and Psychology. In our opinion, this is the best mix for every modern manager.
The College graduates do not get just their diploma, they also receive valuable certificates. Students who complete their study also receive a certificate confirming completion of practical internships and management training. These certificates provide a great advantage in the labor market over our graduates´ peers from other colleges.
Personal approach. NEWTON College is not a large scale school. Here, no one is just a number on a list. Each student is an individual and the staff at the college respects that and reflects it in its approach towards the students.
Teachers are top-class lecturers with practical business experience. The faculty of NEWTON College includes, for example, Vice-Governor of Czech National Bank prof. Vladimír Tomšík, one of the best Czech coaches Ing. Milan Bobek, MSc. and many others. The school also frequently invites well-known members of Czech business and management environment.
The opportunity to participate in NEWTON College activities. NEWTON College closely cooperates with its students who thus have the opportunity to be involved in directing the school and be part of the school´s changes.
The study is closely linked with practice. NEWTON College is not about memorizing of facts and definitions without the need to understand the root of things. All presented knowledge and acquired skills are immediately applicable in everyday life.
Contacts. During the studies, you can get a lot of valuable contacts, e.g. classmates, teachers and prominent people in Czech business environment.
NEWTON College is the only school to offer a multi-level education. Students can choose from accredited study programs, management training courses and individual mentoring provided by members of the faculty.
Merit scholarships. The quality of a school reflects best in the quality of its graduates. NEWTON College, therefore, strives to motivate its students with valuable merit scholarships.

Location - Prague.

Prague is a cosmopolitan city big enough to offer all the services offered by world’s largest cities, but small enough to be one of the safest capital cities in the world. Located in the heart of Europe, Prague is easily one of the best locations to start exploring all the major European business centers. And NEWTON College is right in the heart of Prague.

Prague heart

What do the students say?

Katarzyna Strug, Poland
First-grade student, Bachelor´s Degree
What says our student:
I wanted to see the country of Bohumil Hrabal, to understand his art. I also heard that Czech Republic is a beautiful country, where people are friendly and open to foreigners. It was a coincidence, but I don’t regret it. It was a happy accident University that I’m part of is an Erasmus partner of NEWTON College.  My experience is even better than I thought! These months on NC are the best in my student’s life. My teachers expected creativity, imagination and thinking from me, not a pointless memorizing. I feel that I grew here personally and learned more than I expected. I really like NC and I can recommend it to every student, it’s a great university! And it also comes with the bonus of good parties and nice student life. :)
Silvana Trifunovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
First-grade student, Bachelor´s Degree
What says our student:
I came to the Czech Republic because I have gotten a job here. Since I am already here, I also wanted to continue my studies. To my surprise, NEWTON College meets all my needs. I like the cultural diversity of professors in the English program. Having people from around the world does tell a lot about the university.  And they are really good at what they teach. Lectures are really interesting plus I found it very positive that professors help those students who sometimes struggle to understand more complex issues in English. 
Érika Lopes de Carvalho Benevides, Brazil
First-grade student, Bachelor´s Degree
What says our student:
It has always been my dream to study in Europe. The Czech Republic, in particular, has always been a country that enchanted me a lot, not only for its natural beauty but also for the privileged location of the center of Europe. When the opportunity arose to come and live here, I grabbed it with all forces and began searching for a college. NEWTON College is one of the only ones to offer the course completely in English, is located in the heart of the city, has an affordable price and is a recognized and award-winning college. After my research, I had no doubt that it would be the right choice for me. Life at NEWTON College is exceeding my expectations. With a very flexible schedule, allowing me to work and study, I can always count on great teachers, who are always available, impeccable infrastructure, with places to study and rest, and a student department that has always open doors. It certainly is the best option for me.
Adam Pučalík
Second-grade student, CEO EasySchool
What says our student:
"The program takes three years to complete. This gives you enough time to get adjusted to life in the Czech Republic, make new contacts and even gain valuable practical experience through internships and employment, which international students of this program can enjoy without any special work permits.“
Nela Mačáková
First-grade student, Master’s Degree
Choosing the right university was very important for me. I think that I was lucky to have made the right decision. I just trusted this school. I feel that the College helped me to believe in myself and it gave me enough room to work hard on my values and personal growth. My driving force has always been an inspiration and I have been given more than enough of that at the NC. I have always liked to hear and read success stories; I have always liked to be inspired by the experience of interesting and successful people, regardless of whether they were NEWTON guest speakers, lecturers or other students and graduates. My classmates have always been the greatest source of inspiration for me. They work on interesting projects, they are starting (or have started) their own successful businesses and they are not afraid to follow their own goals and dreams.

What do the Lecturers say?

PhDr. PaedDr. Eva Ambrozová, Ph.D.
Head of Institute of Humanities
What says our professor:
"For us, faculty members, it is important to have an individual approach. We use it to encourage students to explore and understand what a natural human behavior is. Our starting point is: if you want to lead others, you must first understand yourself. Therefore, we lead the students to understand their strengths, to actively self-develop and to cultivate their thinking. We give them enough room to get the most of their studies."
doc. Ing. Jiří Koleňák, Ph.D., MBA
Vice Chancellor for Strategy and Development,
Personal attitude is much more important in the management of companies than is the perfect knowledge of specific managerial tools. Therefore, we try to make our students grow professionally rather than push them to memorize theory. We use practical examples to enhance their ability to think critically about problems and to search for best possible solutions.

What do the graduates say?

Jakub Nytra
COO of Purple Technology and Co-Founder of Axiory
What says our graduate:
"We started our business together with my classmates during our studies at NEWTON College. Thanks to everything the school taught us, we managed to develop an internationally successful business. The really great thing about NC was the opportunity to consult with the lecturers (top-class experts) various questions regarding our business – even outside the regular classes. During psychology classes, I worked on my personality development, during the practical managerial techniques lessons I practiced moderation, negotiation or effective leadership skills. Almost everything we learned could be immediately used in real business life”
Pavel Špaček
Extra-mural studies graduate, Manager of Education E&S Investments
I believe that learning is a necessary part of manager´s work. A successful modern manager should constantly learn. The more you know, the better you can do your work and bring value to your company. Lecturers at NEWTON College do not teach their students just interesting and even unique bits of information about business, but they teach how to search for these kinds of information and how to work with it. I was surprised to learn that education of such quality can be obtained for such price. During my professional career, I have received a good quality managerial education through various interactive workshops. I will not say any specific amounts here, but I can say that costs of these workshops are much higher than the tuition fees at the NEWTON College. Even the learning form at the NEWTON College seems of better quality to me.
Do you like NEWTON College?

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